An artist lives a strange life. Most of the time his work goes unappreciated and is criticized. When an artist finally achieves success, everyone expects perfection in all his following works. An artist doesn't seek perfection. Most artists just need a medium to express their emotions and let them free. An artists emotions are never fully understood by everyone. An artists perception may be beautiful but his practice might be disgusting, according to society. A painter who paints the worlds most beautiful paintings is appreciated by everyone. But if this painter uses his own blood as paint in a picture to depict the true meaning of it as thought by him, the same public who appreciated his paintings will call him disgusting.

An artist isn't an ordinary human being. he is one who has chose not to be trapped by the rules of society and define his thoughts freely. What an artist thinks as creative may not be always acceptable to the society.

Society; who cares!

Yash K V


I'm back!

Its been more than a year since I've written anything. I regret having made the decision to discontinue this blog. I planned to make this a blog about photography but that didn't work out for me. Back in 2010 when I started writing, I hoped to take this blog a long way but I feel I've been cheating myself by not being active here. So that's why I'm hoping to go back to the old days and write again because nothing else makes me feel more at peace with myself. I will post photos, articles, poems or just whatever I feel like posting! There will be new people around helping me with the posts too. Here's to a new beginning!

- Yash K V